Online Reputation Business and Individual Risk Assessments

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Online reputation management assessments are now being used to evaluate risk factors on businesses and individuals. Online reputation profile assessments can go deeper to find details and information on the internet that the standard background checks may not.

Online Reputation Risk Assessments

Why Background Checks Are Important 

Online reputation management profile assessments are used to formally assess an individual or company’s online image.

Serving as an in-depth assessment and background check for both businesses and/or individuals, this information can be used to determine the accuracy, intent and history of one’s online presence and reputation

Background checks are conducted to assess equity risk, whether for businesses or individuals. 

Whether a hiring manager is looking to invest in a new employee, or a private equity firm is looking to acquire a new business, risk assessments are required to determine whether or not the investment is worth it for the short and long term.

What Are Online Reputation Profile Assessments? 

  • Risk assessment for business acquisition
  • Individual assessment for candidates and recruiters 
  • Full background checks for businesses or individuals
  • Proposal assessments
  • Formal leverage assessments

What Are Online Reputation Profile Assessments

The Importance of An Online Reputation 

Odds are you have Googled a company, business, or individual’s name before. What type of information do you look for? 

When someone uses Google, they are looking for information – who, what, where, when and why

When specifically looking at businesses, Google is home to all the information needed to determine whether or not a business is worth investing in based on customer reviews, accuracy of information, and trustworthiness as a whole.

What is an Online Reputation Risk Assessment?

Some might ask what’s even involved in an online reputation risk assessment? The answer is, research. Your online reputation involves every bit of information about you, your company, or your brand as a whole.

Social media profiles, links, images, videos, articles, blogs – all that content that is hidden deep within Google’s pages is considered. 

How Do I Evaluate My Reputation? 

Type your name into Google. Google is the world’s number one search engine. If someone has a question about who you are, what you are involved in or where you’ve been, Google most likely has the answer, and it’s the most popular one. 

What does your first page of Google search results say about you? If your Google search results are filled with positive links and supporting articles and content, you most likely have a very positive online reputation. 

However, it just takes one tiny mishap to completely turn a good reputation into a bad one. Word travels fast online, and negative articles can often multiply quickly and wreak havoc on your search engine result pages. 

Positive Content vs. Negative Content 

To the untrained eye, someone’s Google results may just seem like a page of links and sources. However, with a deep dive into those sources, information can be sourced to offer an in-depth analysis of the individual’s Google search results

Examples of positive online content: 

  • Positive reviews 
  • Positive news highlights
  • Scholarly articles 
  • Professional websites 
  • Professional social profiles
  • Informational videos, images and podcasts 

Examples of negative online content: 

  • Negative reviews 
  • Negative news highlights 
  • Defamatory articles 
  • Lack of information (data sweep) 
  • Unprofessional social profiles 
  • Defamatory and/or unflattering videos and images

Risk Assessment

Reputation Monitoring Tools 

With the help of an investigative team with experience in reputation monitoring and management, profile assessments will be conducted to uncover online reviews of products and services, social media channels and interaction, social networks, Google search results and more.

This information can be utilized to fully understand the risk of investments, whether it be a new hire or the buying or selling of a company. 

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