How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

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This post was most recently updated on March 13, 2020

Reputation Management is a valuable asset to both personal brands and businesses. Online Reputation Management is specifically designed to help clean up your online image and prevent reputation crises. The long-term value of working with a professional Reputation Management company far outweighs any short-term investment.

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost

Online Reputation Management Cost

Whether personal or business, your online presence is incredibly important in this day and age when how you are perceived online might alter someone’s ability to trust you. Lack of online reviews and presence, negative reviews, circulation of defaming material, images that poorly reflect a brand or the spread of a reputation crisis can completely derail your career or business’s success.

Why Hire a Professional Reputation Management Company?

Working with an online reputation management company will give you peace of mind knowing by targeting negative search results and giving you the positive online presence you need to succeed. 

Reputation Management Firms work with clients to build new material online to replace the negative. For small businesses, review sites can either make or break your business entirely, as new customers seek out negative reviews to see if they can trust your brand or not.

The Importance of Online Reviews

By trusting the success rate of online reputation management services, you regain the ability to generate new positive reviews with the help of review management. That’s just one small example, any small step in the right direction can make a huge difference in the long run. 

Pricing Varies For Every Client Based On The Situation 

Package prices vary because different clients require various amounts of work. Our first and primary step is always removal, but sometimes suppression is the better option. Removal could require our investigative team to work with attorneys to achieve results, this and other reputation management pricing factors may affect package pricing.

Reputation911’s packages differ based on how difficult it will be to remove or suppress a client’s negative search results. Reputation911 starts their packages at $295 per month and go up to $995 per month for business reputation pricing, whereas pricing for my Online Reputation ranges from $195 per month to $995 per month. We can also customize packages specifically for your needs to get the right price for you.

Each pricing package is designed for one search term, meaning if a client has multiple search terms in need of reputation management, that client may need to purchase additional packages. 

Personal Reputation Management Cost

My Online Reputation Pricing is designed for an individual looking to remove or suppress their unwanted search results, articles or links from showing up online. For the average individual who is experiencing an online crisis, this is a one time incident that produced the unwanted link to show up in their search results and usually only requires a one time payment. Our services are specifically designed to clean up your first page of search results on Google

Clients that require additional work or monthly maintenance fees are typically high profile, celebrity, or VIP individuals; these are the individuals that would purchase a monthly package.

Organic Search Results Statistics

We will work with you to write relevant, search engine optimized content for blogs and websites that are designed to show in Google results. The monthly pricing packages for online reputation management start at $195, and go to $995.  We know that every customer has different needs, which is why we also offer customized packages.

Business Reputation Management Cost

My Business Reputation Pricing is designed for companies and businesses that have negative and unwanted articles, pdfs, or websites in their Google search results. 

The process to change a client’s search results involves professional writers who strategically publish independent websites, PR News Releases, blogs, articles, and social media outlets. SEO experts will also build websites and promote your business through “link enforcement” to help your new sites rank in search results. 

Our researchers will detect and remove any confidential information we discover about your business that is on the internet.  Throughout the entire process an account manager will monitor progress and keep you and your business updated. We can always customize a package to better suit a business’s needs.

Some customized packages can also include services such as my business reputation monitoring or forensic investigation, where experienced investigators will track the source of negative articles, blogs, etc. and remove the content from the source. Business reputation pricing starts at $295 monthly, and goes up to $995 monthly; prices vary based on which services will be provided, and the severity of negative information appearing in search results.

Repair and Protect Your Online Reputation For Good  

Our engineering team has helped individuals and businesses alike to rebuild or repair their reputation online by removing and suppressing negative content. Ask for your free Online Reputation Report and learn how we can help repair your reputation by calling 1-866-MY-REP-911 or by filling out the form on our contact page. Your business cannot afford to continue treating reputation management as an afterthought, so give Reputation911 a call today.

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