Celebrity Reputation Management

Celebrities used to just have to worry about the Paparazzi and what they wrote in newspapers and magazines.

But now in the age of the internet, everyone with a camera thinks there a journalist and they know how to take a picture or video and sell it to National Enquirer or TMZ in seconds.Every action of a celebrity is analyzed and commented on by any army of fans and critics and the paparazzi.

Schmoozing with journalists used to be all that was needed but now Monitoring what is being said and controlling what is being seen is more important then ever!

Reputation911 crisis management team has helped many high-profile clients confront a wide range of challenges, keeping their private lives private and out of the media.

We give you control of your online image with the specialized products and services listed below that have both an immediate and long term effect.

Restore: Our team will investigate every threat to our clients reputation and attack each one head on.

Promote: Our online search intelligence products work to insure and accurate online image is being potratied of you at all times.

Protect: Our team of will conduct a complete due diligence investigation, Identifying and eliminating any threat to our client, taking every measure needed to mitigating the impact and control what people are seeing.
Monitor: With the latest in Monitoring tools and software we can follow what anyone is saying about you from your biggest fans at Gawker to the little birdies tweeting, and all the social network sites in between.
We know how to protect and manage your reputation online and understand that every second counts when your name and personal brand is being attacked and are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a Celebrity, you are your brand and Reputation911 has the team in place to protect it.

With Reputation911 your image is yours, and remains an accurate reflection of you as a celebrity.

To learn more about how to clean up and protect your Online Celebrity Image visit our Reputation Management Products Page.

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