How to Suppress Negative Search Results

Suppression is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that involves building up and updating positive content in order to remove or suppress negative content off of first page search results.

How to Suppress Negative Search Results

Suppressing negative, false, or outdated content from search results can help businesses, brands, and individuals protect themselves from a reputation crisis. When you suppress negative content, you are replacing it with fresh, new, and more relevant information, providing Google and its users with more positive and accurate search results.

A reputation problem or crisis often begins with a bad review, blog post, or article directed at an individual or business. Search engines will often key in on these bad articles and reviews and obscure the message a business or individual is trying to convey. It can be difficult to remove information that is already published to the internet. When this negative content cannot be removed, one must look towards suppression as a key reputation management strategy.

The team at Reputation911 will develop a customized strategy for each individual or business to help promote and protect their online reputation and professional brand.

Suppression acts as an effective reputation management strategy in three basic steps:

Three Ways to Suppress Negative Search Results

1. Website and Social Media Build Out

The engineering team and content writers at Reputation911 will work directly with the individual or business to develop a personalized branding strategy. This includes the creation of a professional website and the build out of social media profiles filled with relevant and accurate information that will give the business or individual instant visibility and credibility with potential clients and colleagues that are searching for their name online.

2. Professional Content Creation

Reputation911’s team of in-house content writers and social media experts will then create and promote blogs, articles, and social media posts, providing fresh, new content that will help get the above mentioned websites and social media profiles onto the first page of Google, cleaning up your online profile and pushing the unwanted search results out of sight.

Instead of “burying” unwanted content, experienced writers work one-on-one with clients to create and promote updated, recent material that showcases truthful, positive highlights of your own personal profile, naturally suppressing unwanted content further and further away from a front page Google search.

3. Control Your First Page Search Results

One of the most important aspects of the suppression strategy is putting the business or individual in control of their online search results. This allows the business or individual to define their professional brand and decide how they will be perceived on the world wide web. By promoting these controlled sites, the engineers at Reputation911 will be able to closely monitor a business’s or individual’s search results, maintain their online image, and protect their online reputation. We guarantee results, putting you back in control of your reputation.

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