This page was most recently updated on April 8th, 2022

Welcome to the Reputation911 Career Page   

If you have work experience or educational background in content writing, editing and/or online digital marketing , a career in online reputation management may be for you!

Content Writers and Bloggers 

We are looking for freelance content writers and bloggers with strong writing and creative thinking backgrounds to write digital content for personal branding and online reputation management clients. 

We make use of the latest cutting-edge strategies to help individuals and businesses look good online, providing solutions to companies, high profile politicians, public figures, athletes and celebrities.

Google has now become the new character reference for individuals and businesses.

You will create personally branded content for social media accounts, websites and blogs for our clients that communicate their personal brand across different mediums.

Specific Skills / Requirements:

Working knowledge of blogging on WordPress sites

Internet- and technology-savvy

Adept at reading and gathering news

Detail Oriented

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Self-starter with ability to work in team environment

Bonus Points:

Active social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Quora, Pinterest,, Tumblr)

Previous work experience with a startup or high impact company

Please send us a cover letter and a resume with your social media profiles! Resumes with social media profiles will be given top priority.

Send Resume to:

All Interviews will be held remotely at this time.

Freelance Content Marketers

We are looking to hire content marketers with blogger outreach experience and have been responsible for the planning, creating, and sharing of valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers.

If you have a passion for writing, researching and branding for high profile individuals, executives, politicians, public figures, as well as athletes and celebrities then a job with Reputation911 might be for you!

You will be responsible for creating content for personal and business bio’s, blog post, press releases, website and social media profiles to help build followers and SEO search results.

Specific Skills / Requirements:
Comfortable writing for a wide range of audiences
Ability to write in different voices
Adept at researching, reading, and understanding content online
Weekly blog writing and posting on wordpress sites for clients
Ability to turn out high-quality content quickly
Self-starter with ability to work independently or in a team
Scale outreach efforts
Able to consistently meet deadlines

Bonus Points:

Previous work experience with an editor or team of editors
Experience ghost writing content
Proficiency with Google Apps, Microsoft Office, and WordPress

Send Resume to:

All Interviews will be held remotely at this time.

Freelance SEO and Digital Outreach Specialist

Looking for a season expert who can develop and execute multiple content marketing strategies that will engage influencers resulting in increased organic search presence, keywords and rankings.

Specific Skills / Requirements:

Strong technical SEO
Contact influencers and expand outreach efforts
Improve website traffic
blogger outreach
Problem solving skills and continued learning

Bonus Points:

Experience with SEO tools such as SEMrush and Moz
Experience with wordpress websites
Previous work experience with a startup or high impact company
Proficiency with Google Apps, Microsoft Office, WordPress, and Photoshop

Submit Resume with your Social Links and Active social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) and the best time of day and number to reach you back at.

Send Resume to:

Interviews are now being held both in person at or Mendon office and remotely via Google meet.