How Can I Be On The First Page of Google?

This post was most recently updated on May 19, 2022.

In order to rank on the first page of Google search results, you need to understand exactly how Google search ranking works, and how to write your content to help you outperform online competition. Here’s how to create content that will improve your business or brand’s online search results for good! 

How Much Is It Worth to Be on the First Page of Google? How Can I Be on the First Page of Google

When clicks turn into sales, landing on the first page of Google search results could mean the difference between your company meeting a monthly mark, or falling short on net profit. 

Getting on the first page of Google could mean a world’s difference for small businesses, local businesses, entrepreneurs, and personal brands looking to make an earning or extend their reach. 

Customers are much more likely to click on organic search results compared to paid ads, but why is that? Consumers trust an unbiased opinion. Google itself performs as that unbiased opinion, where a business or brand must pay (good money) to land in those very top spots. 

However, sitting in a top organic position, or unpaid position, means that content is just so good, it earned a top spot without needing to bribe its way there, for lack of better terms. 

What Percentage of Google Searches Go Past the First Page?

First page organic search results are where the money’s at. Truth be told, once users see the first page of Google search results, they find the answers they need without having to even click to page two. That in itself should be reason enough to put high priority on paying attention to their Google search ranking. 

To really understand those numbers, you have to understand what percentage of Google searches go past the first page. A whopping 91% of users will not click past page 1. Yes, that is correct. On average, 9 out of every 10 potential customers will get all the answers they need without clicking past page 1. If your business is on page two, it’s just not your lucky day. 

How Do I Improve My Google Ranking?

Enough moping around, let’s figure out how to improve those search results! 

In order to improve your Google rankings and website visibility you need to pay attention to the quality of your content, the optimization of your content, and keyword ranking. Seems simple enough when you lay it out like that, but truly understanding how each one of those aspects works takes a little research, but it can be done!  

Creating Higher Quality Content to Improve Your Google Ranking

Quality over quantity, always. Create informative, engaging and easy to understand content that engages the average reader. Understanding what your audience is interested in or has questions about and taking the time to develop high-quality content that addresses these topics will surely help you rank higher.

Plus, search engine results pages promote high-quality content with something called featured snippets that shows a direct answer to a searcher’s query at the top ranking position of organic results. If your content directly answers a search query, there’s a high chance Google will display your blog post as a top result on SERPs.

Optimizing Content to Improve Google Search Ranking 

Make sure your posts and pages are optimized in all areas of text, video and images and descriptions. This will drastically improve the ranking of your content. This means compressing large images and files to help page speed and making sure all elements load quickly for users’ convenience. Meeting users’ intent and optimizing for user experience are becoming more and more important when it comes to your Google search ranking.

Search engines prioritize mobile friendliness of web pages, too. That means you should be checking how your content appears on mobile search rather than just desktop search. Most people are searching on their smartphones these days, so it’s important that your site is optimized to be mobile friendly.

Increasing Your Keywords to Improve Google Search Ranking 

Keywords are arguably the most important factor when it comes to improving your Google search ranking. Improving your keywords helps Google understand the content you’re offering is insightful, education, and helpful to the average user! Organic search relies on search query keywords matching with appropriate search result keywords so that organic traffic can quickly find answers to what they are searching for.

With the help of these three content writing tips, you will improve your Google search ranking in no time.

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