Social media is one of the most important aspects of your online image. Nearly everyone uses social media to engage with and find information about both individuals and businesses. Social media will help you create a strong online presence, pushing down old, inaccurate news about you in search results and replacing it with fresh, new, positive content.

Social Media Reputation

Establishing your brand on social media sites to create a greater online presence is essential, but it is equally important to be in control of the information that is put out there.

Social media has provided a large platform for people to voice their satisfaction, opinions, concerns, and complaints about a business or individual. By controlling your personal reputation or professional social media profiles, you will be able to better manage the conversation and respond to these interactions effectively. If you do not control any social media profiles for yourself or for your business reputation, these conversations will take place on other platforms and forums where it is more difficult for you to properly engage and respond in a timely manner.

For this reason, it is essential to protect your online image. If you don’t take action to control your online reputation, someone else will.

Social Media for Individuals 

When someone searches for your name on Google or any other search engine, it is critical to your online reputation that they are finding the right information. Your first page of search results are the most important and should contain links to websites, social media sites, blogs, and articles that accurately reflect your personal or business brand.

Your social media presence is often seen by more than just friends and family members. Social media platforms are some of the first places hiring managers and college admission officers look to find information about their candidates. Over 45% of hiring managers will use social media to screen potential candidates. What you post on your social media profiles works to form your personal brand online. 

Poor Social Media Activity Can Negatively Impact: 

  • Job Seekers 
  • Employees 
  • College Applicants 
  • Public Figures 
  • Personal Brands 
  • Online Dating
8 Ways to Get Fired because of Social Media

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Social Media Management for Businesses

When it comes to online reputation for businesses, your social media presence can either make or break your success as a whole. Something as simple as misspelling a word can negatively affect your brand’s reputation, but sometimes it’s much worse. 

When negative reviews and comments fill your first page of search results, it could result in a reputation crisis. Social media channels act similar to review sites, opening up conversation to the public in reference to your products or services. 

When social media activity is managed well, it can be beneficial to a business as a form of customer service. How you respond to comments, whether positive or negative, can actually help your brand. It all comes down to technique and how you respond. Professional social media marketers understand the fine line between sharing and oversharing. 

How to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

Doing a social media clean up is easy with a few simple steps. You want your social media profiles to reflect your online reputation in a positive light, making you look as professional and trustworthy as possible while still holding true to your own unique brand. 

Choose The Right Username 

Whether Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or LinkedIn, you always want to make sure your username, handles and URLs are all in alignment with your brand or name. 

Edit Personal Information

Your bio information on any social media platform is very important. The information itself may be short, but writing a bio that is professional and on point with your brand will help your online presence. 

Privacy Settings 

If it is a personal social media account, consider changing all privacy settings to private. This ensures that only the profiles you accept will be able to view your information. 

Delete Negative Content

Old, outdated, or inappropriate content should be the first thing to delete permanently. Whether images or comments, the information you share with the public should help your reputation, not hurt it. 

Choose The Right Profile Photo 

If it is a personal account, consider choosing a professional headshot for your profile image. If it is a branded or business account, make sure your logo is clear and easily identified. 

When to Hire a Professional 

Working with a professional ensures you’re in the right hands when it comes to social media reputation management. If bad reviews have taken over your search results, or your social media presence is holding you back from landing your next job, working with a professional to manage your online reputation could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Learn more about our reputation management services and how we can help today!

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