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Doctor Reviews Management

Online reviews are a powerful marketing tool as a recent study showed that consumers view online reviews as the second must trustworthy source…
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How to Keep From Looking Like a Fool Online

Despite the multitude of websites that show people when they are acting like fools online, including We Know What You Are Doing (learn…
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Doctors: What to Prescribe for a Negative Review

Recently we came across an article on Software Advice about how doctors can shift negative reviews to positive reviews (read the full article…
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Why Online Review Sites Want Your Customers to Write Negative Reviews

We have written extensively about why online reviews are so important to a business. For more information on a particular subject, visit one…
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How to Remove Negative Content

  When negative content shows up about you online, the effects can be catastrophic to your online reputation. Whether it is something as…
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What is Brand Reputation

What is Brand Reputation?

Brand reputation refers to how a particular brand (whether for an individual or a company) is viewed by others. A favorable brand reputation…
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3 Reasons Online Reputation Management Strategy Needs Online Reviews

Online reviews are the new word of mouth marketing. With the plethora of online reviews sites it is easy for a business or…
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