How to Remove Negative Reviews

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This post was most recently updated on June 29, 2020

Customer reviews are an essential part of a successful business. Many potential customers will leverage the opinions of other before making a purchases and they will use reviews in their own decision-making process.. If your company or organization has bad reviews, they could be plaguing your business. Here’s how to remove negative reviews from online sites, and why it’s important to do so.

How to Remove Negative Reviews

Why Are Customer Reviews So Important? 

Potential customers heavily depend on review sites in order to trust a business. By reading information about previous customer experiences, new customers start to form their opinion based on others. 

According to Medium, over 90% of online customers use online reviews to base their own decision of whether or not to buy a product.

Online Review Statistics

Reviews can also affect new hires. Small Business Trends indicate that 83% of job seekers also look to online reviews of customers before applying to a new company. 

Whether reviews on Google, social media or other platforms, your online reviews matter much more than you think.

Are Negative Reviews Really That Bad?

Every business wants nothing but positive reviews, but sometimes unhappy customers express their concerns online by leaving reviews that could potentially hurt your business.

How to Respond to a Bad Review 

Bad reviews aren’t all that bad when they’re far and few between, especially if they are easily fixable with a simple response.

Since reviews are often posted on public platforms, taking time to respond to negative reviews in a kind, insightful and timely manner can actually serve as a positive form of customer service. 

When bad reviews turn into a reputation crisis management situation, that is when it is time to take serious action in addressing the ongoing issue. 

How To Tell If A Review is Real or Fake 

Some business owners may come across a situation where fake reviews are altering their online reputation and negatively affecting potential customer’s ability to trust the business entirely.

Reputation911 has developed an online review checker that can help you detect fake reviews, which is the first step to flag the review and remove it for good. 

The negative online review checker is a free service from Reputation911 and can be used to check any suspicious review left on any review site.

Removing Negative Reviews

Many negative online reviews end up being fake but how can you detect fake online reviews and what can you do once you find out?

If a business can prove that the online reviews are false, like a doctor’s office being able to show that they never had a patient by the name of the reviewer, or a restaurant owner being able to show that the IP address of the reviewer matches that of a nearby competitor, then contacting the review site directly is be the best way to remove negative reviews.

Fake News

If the business owner recognizes the name of the customer who left the review, they could even have a customer service representative contact them to try to rectify whatever problem they had in order to have the reviewer remove the negative review.

How Do I Dispute a Google Review?

Sometimes bad reviews can take a turn for the worst when it comes to angry and upset customers, which has a huge negative impact on your business’s online reputation.

Google reviews can leave a lasting impression for potential customers who are Googling your business’s name for  the first time. If a bad review is the first thing a customer sees on your business listing, their opinion of your business will decrease drastically. 

As a business owner, you have the power to dispute any type of Google review that you feel violates Google’s policies. 

Sometimes, bad reviews can come from fraudulent accounts. An easy way to spot a fake reviewer is with multiple reviews posted on the same day, usually taking harsh hits to your business with very low stars. Unfortunately, fake reviews will leave negative reviews to sabotage a business.

The good news? Google has policies against these types of reviews and you have the ability to take action against them.

  1. Pull up your business listing on Google maps to see a full list of your reviews. 
  2. Make sure the fake review goes against Google’s policies for prohibited content which is considered to be spam, fake, restricted, illegal, explicit, offensive, derogatory, an impersonation or a conflict of interest 
  3. Find the false review and flag it as spam using the dots in the upper right hand corner, or the flag icon near the name of the reviewer.
Fake Google Review How to Dispute

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Burying Negative Online Reviews 

Some businesses feel consumers only pay attention to the overall score or only the most recent online reviews that the business has received. However, our research has shown that customers go through and read every or most online review a business has received when they are making a buying decision.

Reputation911 review products such as My Online Reviews has proven and effective strategies for business owners to use to increase the number of positive reviews that are being written for their business and also remove the fake negative reviews.

With an increase in online reviews, businesses not only reduce the impact of the negative review but also have peace of mind that they are protected from fake negative reviews that are left in the future.

Get Professional Help to Remove Negative Reviews

Given that 80% of individuals have chosen not to walk into a specific business because of something they read about the business online, business owners must make sure to move quickly to remove negative reviews. Business owners, especially those who own small businesses, sometimes lack the time or resources to respond quickly enough.

Our review team specializes in recognizing fraudulent negative reviews and has a number of techniques to remove negative reviews. At the same time, our Engineering Team will work quickly to implement a system that works with your customers to increase the number of new reviews being written about your company.

Find out more about how Reputation911 can help you with online review management services and removing negative reviews. To fix your online reputation, fill out the form on the right side of this page or call us at 866-MY-REP-911. Explore more of our business reputation management services.

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