Why Reputation Matters

Why does online reputation matter for individuals?

If managed properly, your online reputation will open up many doors for you. It might be what helps to convince a hiring manager that you are the right person for a job you have applied for, especially if you have taken advantage of our online reputation package to help you position yourself as an expert in your field. A strong online reputation might also put you on the fast track to promotions at work, as your employer will make a greater effort to keep around those who use their online presence to bring value and revenue to the company.

For students, a strong online reputation will help you get accepted into college and gain scholarships, while a poor online reputation will hurt college admissions chances.

On the non-professional side, individuals can ensure dating success by managing their online reputation. Last year, 1 in 5 newlyweds met online. Those newlyweds likely had a good online reputation, which made them more appealing to interested suitors.

You should always be aware of threats to your identity due to personal information making its way online. Our online privacy package will help individuals remove compromised information from public websites.

Why does online reputation matter for businesses?

A good reputation is critical for a company’s success. While an advertisement on TV or a banner ad online is ephemeral, a good reputation is the gift that keeps on giving. A business with a high rating on online review sites like Yelp and Google Places will continue to bring in new customers, as those good reviews never go away and actually build your web visibility. If your business is lacking high reviews, you should speak to us about our online reviews package. When you purchase this package, our Investigative team will detect posts written by competitors, disgruntled employees, or ones that are fake or spam, and remove them from online review sites.

A business should also work to control how it is perceived in general and specific search engine results. A good reputation will lead to better employees, as top talent will only want to work with a company that has a good reputation. Additionally, a strong online reputation will help to differentiate your business from your competitors. If undesirable content appears when someone searches for your business or industry online, our business reputation option will help you to regain control of online search results.

Businesses in some industries need specialized assistance, which is why Reputation911 also offers specialized packages for certain industries, including Automotive Internet Reputation Management for car dealerships, Hotel Reputation Management, and Restaurant Reputation Management.

Now that you understand the importance of reputation, take control of your online reputation by reaching out to us about one of our proven products. Every second you waste means more damage done to your reputation in the eyes of employers, co-workers, admissions officers, potential dating partners, customers, and potential employees, so contact us today!