Why Reputation Matters

In this day and age, what people see about you online is just as important as what they hear or know about you! Whether you’re trying to promote your small business, or you’re just an average Joe trying to get into online dating, what people find online about you plays a key role in how people perceive you.

Your Reputation Matters

How does reputation management work?

Online reputation management is the process of managing your online search results to influence how people think of you or your brand when viewed online.

A good reputation versus a bad reputation will play part in determining if people will look to you as a like-able, trustworthy source. Why Reputation Matters

When you Google yourself, your business or your brand’s name online, what comes up in your search results? Are there negative reviews or positive reviews? Do your social media accounts pop up? Are their images or links to other sites that mention your name?

All of those questions add up when calculating your reputation score.

You know yourself best, but how does everyone else view you? Trying to view yourself through the eyes of someone who has never met you can be quite difficult. Typing your name into a search engine like Google gives you a sense of what others will find online about you. Do they paint you in a good light?

How do I Calculate My Reputation Score?

Your reputation score can sometimes be a hard concept to grasp. When calculating your score, your results have nothing to do with your own views about yourself. Things like online reviews, social media results, news articles and website links are usually the first things to pop up on your first page of search results and are a good indicator of what type of score you have.

Calculating your score doesn’t need to be an exact number. Take a look at the first page of your search results. If your first page is filled with good links and results, you’re in the clear.

If your first page has links to one or two negative reviews about you, that will lower your score. If your entire first page is filled with results that paint you in a bad light, you’re most likely going to need crisis management.

Being associated with negative search results can truly set you astray from some good opportunities in life. You’d be surprised at just how quickly someone can form judgements on you based on what they see associated with your name.

Why Does Online Reputation Matter for Individuals?

A good reputation can open many doors for you in both your professional and social life. Whether you’re interested in applying for a new job or college, or just want to network and make new friends and connections, reputation management is important in ensuring you succeed.

With the help of digital marketing, a solid reputation management strategy can be implemented to create a positive image for yourself that highlights all of your best qualities, your work, your talents and your personality. Managing our own personal brands as individuals is a key tool in building trust with outside sources that have the ability to connect with us in some way online.

Why Does Online Reputation Matter for Business?

A positive corporate reputation and company reputation are extremely important when it comes to building and nurturing successful business.

A beautiful website that is built around networking your brand is a simple yet effective way to offer a form of customer support to the people you’re trying to reach. The great thing about the internet is that it never closes, it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Building a trusted brand online business builds trust with your customers, and in turn a loyal connection. With that loyalty and trust, your business or brand naturally stands out from the rest, and rises to the top. When you have the ability to be better than the rest, it allows you to make profits at a higher price.

Drive Sales and Increase Customer Loyalty with Brand Reputation

People want to trust where their money is going, and you build that trust by utilizing different tools and strategies. When new customers look your business up online, they trust online reviews due to unbiased opinion as a customer. Review sites play a huge factor in determining your score because your target audience does the speaking for you. Managing corporate reputations often looks to that target audience as a source of helpful information that helps you build a stronger brand that is made for long term success.

Purchasing decisions that are made online also depend heavily on being able to trust your business through a positive reputation. The more your target audience trusts you, the more likely they are to buy your products or services.

Not only is it important to build that trust, it’s just as important to maintain it. Successful companies take action daily to ensure their online reputation is up to par.

How Often Companies Monitor their Online Reputation
Source: clutch.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is reputation important to a business?

The bottom line is, having a good online reputation when it comes to business is incredibly important in a world where the internet is always in the palm of our hands. Whether positive or negative, word of mouth travels fast, but the internet is even faster.

The benefits of a good reputation for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives are endless when it comes to the world of business. Building a credible brand online ensures trust in your name, and in turn, shows investors, customers, clients, employees and other networking opportunities that your brand is trustworthy, like-able, and inspiring.

When it comes to the reputation of a business as a whole, the same rules apply. Business reputation comes down to creating a brand that can be looked up to as a leader in the industry.

What Factors Influence a Person's Reputation?

There are several factors that play a part in influencing one’s reputation. Your reputation has everything to do with how others perceive you, and nothing to do with your own views of yourself. That is why it can be so difficult to fully grasp just how to create and maintain control over something you cannot see.

With that being said, with the right tools and knowledge your online reputation can be returned to its rightful owner - you.

Your online reputation is an accumulation of all the media online that reflects your name. Links, pages, websites, blogs, articles, social media profiles, likes, posts, tweets, etc. If it lives online for the world to see, it all gets taken into account when coming together to form your reputation.

A good reputation can help you build your credibility, while a bad reputation could not only be harmful, but detrimental in getting between you and future opportunities in life.

Why is Character More Important than Reputation?

Yes, your reputation has everything to do with how others perceive you, but what’s even more important? How you perceive yourself.

When the direction of change is turned inward, your reputation tends to heal itself. Some individuals may run into hardships in life that transcended to the internet, causing permanent damage to their name online.

The good news? There is no such thing as too late. You have the power to hit the reset button once and for all.

Your reputation is back in your hands with the help of reputation management strategies and techniques. You have the opportunity to better your future, and regain control of your online presence once and for all.

Improve Your Reputation For Good!

The bottom line is, if people don’t trust you based on what they find online, your opportunities in life will be negatively affected as well. That is why your online reputation matters, and is absolutely crucial for building a successful business, or becoming a trusted professional who is set on reaching their own goals.

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