How To Measure Brand Reputation

Last Updated on February 22, 2023

Reputation911 how to measure brand reputation

Brand reputation refers to your customers, employees, partners, and competitors’ perception of your brand. People advocate for a brand that has a strong reputation. It means customers exude trust in your brand.

Why Should You Measure Brand Reputation?

Its reputation keeps you in business. You cannot improve your online reputation if you do not measure. Measuring brand reputation gives you the power and ability to influence customers’ perceptions of your brand. Brand reputation helps you focus on marketing efforts. It also adds value to your awareness data and highlights specific attributes working on your desired goal.

What Are Your Employees Saying About The Brand?

Employees who live the brand present it in the best possible light to stakeholders and customers. Whether your team cares and trusts in the brand matters a lot. Employees who live the brand are loyal.

6 Metrics for Measuring Brand Reputation

Here are some metrics that brand and marketing managers and teams can use to measure reputation.

reputation911 how to measure brand reputation

Metric 1: Online Ratings and Reviews

Many customers turn to online customer reviews before making a purchase. Podium survey found that online ratings and reviews influence 93% of consumer decisions. People perceive your brand based on what other customers say about you.

Metric 2: Social Media Likes, Followers, And Subscribers

More consumers are using social media now than ever. People interested in your brand will like, follow or subscribe to your social media channels. A massive following on social media is a show of how to measure brand reputation.

Metric 3: Domain Authority

Domain authority is how a website ranks in search engine results. Developed by Moz, domain authority is a 1-100 score that many web and SEO experts use to gauge a website’s ability, or authority, to rank in Google or other search engines. Your web traffic and content must be outstanding in achieving a high domain authority.

Metric 4: PR Shares

Public relations involves managing how other people see your brand and is a brand reputation measurement technique. Customers make buying decisions depending on their relations with a company. Improving relations with customers and having a positive image reflects a good reputation.

Metric 5: Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to people visiting your site from other sites. This means your site or brand has been mentioned on other sites. Brands with a good reputation are featured on different platforms, websites or socials.

Metric 6: Share of Voice

Share of Voice represents part of the market your brand owns compared to competitors. Brands with great conversions are deemed more reputable. It means they have an excellent command of a particular niche.

In Closing: Measuring Brand Reputation Online

It can be tough to quantify brand reputation, but it is important to be able to measure it. The six metrics included are easy ways to measure brand reputation.

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