Brand Management

Your Personal or Business Brand is now just a "click" away for all the world to see. If you don’t take control of your personal or business online brand someone else will.

Brand Management vs Marketing

While it may be managed by you or someone at your organization, it is really the outward perception that defines your brand.  The brand of a company is really its reputation.

Just like a personal reputation, a brand reputation is formed based on the behaviors and actions of the company (or person), and how those behaviors and actions are perceived.

Social media has evolved so quickly that many businesses without national brands are perhaps most vulnerable to rumors and complaints that may show up on blogs and online review sites are struggling to keep up with the task of managing their company’s presence and brand reputation.

Small businesses without national brands are perhaps most vulnerable to rumors and complaints that may show up on blogs and online review sites.

Why is Brand Management Important?

The world of business is ever changing, especially moving forward from 2020. Small businesses, independent brands, entrepreneurs and small business owners now are at the forefront of change. 

Creating a strong brand has never been more important following the economic changes that were brought on in 2020. Creating a strong brand that can withstand constant change and challenges is exactly what will allow a brand to thrive long term. 

Effective brand management is more than just the image behind your products and services. Brand management is built from several components that all add up together. Brand consistency, brand strategy, brand guidelines, brand equity and brand awareness are all areas that need to be considered when creating a brand that is built to reach a target audience and convert sales with ease. 

What are 3 Types of Brands? 

Branding in and of itself can actually be a difficult term to fully grasp. "Branding" is much more than just an image behind a business. Branding involves everything from the creative identity of a logo and website design to distinctive principles like identity, trust and values. 

Corporate Brands

Corporate branding, or business branding, comes down to the identifiers of a business as a whole. A corporate brand serves as the main identifier of a business or corporation in total. 

Product Brands

A corporate brand is much like a parent brand, in which the branding of a product falls under. For example Apple is a corporate technologies brand, yet the iPhone is a specific product that is branded in itself, that falls under the corporate brand of Apple. A Macbook is another branded product, again falling under the corporate Apple brand.

Personal Brands 

A personal brand steps away from the business and toward its people. Personal branding however can be beneficial to the business as a whole, because it brings a sense of trustworthiness to its employees and executives, which in turn promotes business as a result. 

Any type of branding comes down to the image you are trying to portray, which reflects the reputation of the brand itself. In the case or personal branding, it comes down to the trustworthiness and likability of an individual, and displaying what traits and supporting evidence is provided to support those claims for the public. 

What is The Key to a Unique Brand?

The key to developing a unique brand all comes down to your own brand story. Everything from the visual elements of your brand to brand personality should embody your own unique brand message. 

Question to ask yourself when developing your professional brand: 

  • What makes us different? 
  • What sets us apart from the rest? 
  • What do we offer that others don’t? 
  • Why is our story powerful? 
  • Why should others trust us? 
  • Why should others look up to us? 
  • How is our business helpful for others? 
  • What is our main goal? 
  • What do we help provide to our clients and customers, besides products and services? 
  • What do we want people to feel when they think of our brand? 
  • How do we want our customers to think of us? 
  • What is our message? 
  • How are we helping our customers?

What’s the Danger for Companies Who Don’t Monitor Their Online Reputation?

If you’re not paying attention and something does go wrong, and if a rumor flies about you or your product or service, it could sink an entire business.

Even businesses that are skewing towards an older demographic now have customers online doing their homework and searching and reading reviews.

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