Why Online Review Sites Want Your Customers to Write Negative Reviews

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We have written extensively about why online reviews are so important to a business. For more information on a particular subject, visit one of these links:

The Truth about Online Review Sites

Now it is time to come to terms with a disturbing fact about review sites. All businesses need them, because positive reviews increase foot traffic and make the business appear more credible, but the truth is that online review sites want your customers to write negative reviews.

But aren’t Review Sites Supposed to Help Customers and Businesses?

Yes and no. Review sites exist primarily to make money and one of the best ways to do this is by increasing site visits. When consumers search for reviews for a company, they look at the overall star rating, and may not need to read all the reviews to make a decision. The best way to make consumers want to read the reviews on review sites is the presence of negative reviews. In the same way that many cannot look away from a car crash, people are interested in reading negative reviews and sharing them with friends. A review with damaging or misleading information might even prompt a business owner to respond to the review, which leads to a war of words between the reviewer and the business owner. Review sites feed off of this controversy and benefit from an increase in site visits, which leads to increases in advertising revenue. In this way, review sites will lose money if they remove negative reviews.

Solutions for Businesses with Negative Reviews

So, what can a business owner do? Consider the concept of selection bias, which estimates that the people who are most likely to write a review are the ones who displeased with the product or service. All businesses make mistakes, and whether it is the actions of an employee or a simple misunderstanding, at some point a customer will become so displeased with a product or service that he or she contemplates writing a negative review. To combat negative reviews, business owners should work to increase the number of positive reviews being written about them or their firm.

As some businesses are well aware, fake negative reviews tend to remain unfiltered while positive reviews, whether real or fake, get filtered at a much higher rate. Because of this growing problem, it is imperative that business owners find a solution that produces certified consumer reviews.

Reputation911, with its online reviews product, helps business owners collect more reviews using its proven reviews collection strategy. Our proprietary tools automatically collect, publish and search engine optimize positive online reviews so that any business owner can easily improve his or her business’ online reputation.

To find out more about how Reputation911 can help your business get more positive reviews through our online reputation management services, fill out the form on the right side of this page or call 1-866-MY-REP-911.

Do you think review sites have something to gain by increasing negative reviews? Let us know your thoughts below!

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