Spring Cleaning Your Online Profiles

This spring, don't forget to clean up your online profiles.

This spring, don’t forget to clean up your online profiles.

Now that it’s finally heating up, pools are beginning to open, and everything is no longer blanketed by allergenic pollen , it is time to do some spring cleaning. Once you have finished a deep clean of your house, focus on your online profiles.

Whether you are a recent graduate who is embarking on a job search or an eligible bachelor who cannot wait to meet dates on the beach or by the pool, your online reputation will play a major role in determining whether 2013 is a summer to remember. Below are three tips for spring cleaning your online profiles:


1. Hide the swimsuit.

When you are spring cleaning your home, it is tempting to unpack your swimsuit and have it all ready to go for summer. Your online profiles, however, should have no sign of your swimsuit, as hiring managers view such photos as unprofessional. The Washington Post found in 2010 that 70% of surveyed hiring managers had rejected job applicants because of something they found about the applicant online. 55% said they rejected a candidate due to inappropriate photos.

2. Get rid of old pictures.

You can free up space in your home while spring cleaning by storing old photo albums and switching outdated, framed photos with newer photos. Unfortunately it is not as easy to make older photos disappear digitally. Content scrapers can take photos that you or a friend shared publicly, host these photos on their site, and then charge you money to have them removed. The only sure fire way to keep old photos from making their way online is by going back and deleting them. Alternatively, you can reduce the chances of a privacy breach by updating the privacy settings for your profile. For Facebook photos, simply locate your Privacy Settings and select “Limit old posts” (the third option) so that all photos you have shared publicly or with friends of friends will switch to only being shared with friends.

3. Don’t be afraid to bring in reinforcements.

During spring cleaning, it is not unusual to hire outside help to ensure a job is done right. Competent contractors can reduce costs, save homeowners time, and deliver improved results for a wide range of services. Something could go wrong if you try to pressure wash your house without any experience, and the same holds true for attempting personal reputation management without experience. Fortunately Reputation911 has helped individuals of all ages, in a wide range of industries, to repair their online reputations. Our engineering team uses an investigative approach to locate and remove old profiles on social media websites, online dating sites, and online directories. Reputation911’s online privacy attorneys will also send cease-and-desist letters to third-party websites that are using your private information without your permission. Our engineering team can also help suppress outdated, misleading, or incorrect content from your personal search engine results so that a hiring manager, potential client, family member, or online date only sees positive content when Googling your name.


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