Can You Find Out if Someone is Searching for You Online?


Who is Searching for You Online

Who is searching for you online can provide valuable insight and give you an upper hand when making your next personal or business move. 

Ever wonder who’s out there Googling your name? Whether it’s a job interview, a first date, or maybe even a new client relationship, someone out there is most likely doing their homework on you. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly who that is?

Why would you want to know if people are looking you up? 

Google is the leading online search engine, processing over 40,000 search queries every second! That equals out to be a whopping 3.5 billion queries per day. How many times does your name pop up?

Who's searching for you online on Google

Source: Statista

How to find out who’s looking for you online 

There’s no simple click of a button that can tell you exactly who looks you up online, but there are plenty of other tools that can help point you in the right direction.

Knowing where and when someone is searching for your name or business can be the key you need to land your next job, get that first date, or build your next client relationship. 

Optimizing how people find you can help point you towards who is searching for you. Here are 2 of the easiest ways to finally find out who is trying to find you online:

1. Using LinkedIn to see who is viewing your profile

LinkedIn can be an awesome platform for social networking and job opportunities. Even more awesome? It can give you the exact names and companies of the user profiles who view you on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is a high-level networking platform that helps real people get real jobs. Of the 303 million active monthly users, 40% visit the site daily – 92% of fortune 500 companies play a key part in that engagement. 

Not only does LinkedIn rank high on Google search results, it enables a feature allowing users to see the names of other LinkedIn profiles who recently viewed them. 

The only limitation lies between a free account versus a premium account.

Who's searching for you online LinkedIn

Basic LinkedIn Features 

With a free account, LinkedIn users can see up to five people who viewed their profile at a time, along with total profile visits and the total number of times you have appeared in LinkedIn search results. 

Premium LinkedIn Features

What changes with a premium account is the number of profiles you’re able to get information from – it’s unlimited! This can be a great feature for those using LinkedIn for job opportunities and professional networking, or for anyone who needs to keep tabs on who and how often they’re getting viewed on LinkedIn. 

With that being said, it’s very important to optimize your account and make sure your profile is well suited to rank on your Google search results. Be sure to include the following on your profile: 

  • Fill out all information fully and with accuracy 
  • Keep your account active with intentional posts and updates
  • Connect and network online with other users
  • Ask others to endorse your skills and achievements to show legitimacy

2. Making your own website

Making your own website can also be a fool-proof way of creating a polished brand for yourself that can easily be used to find who is Googling for you, and when they’re doing it. 

Though a bit more time-consuming, creating a polished and professional website for yourself online can be extremely useful in catering your search results for people to find through Google. Just like LinkedIn, you need to make sure your website performs well in search results:

  • Completely fill out all appropriate sections
  • Make sure the header and URL mentions your name
  • Use text, video, and images to help provide Google with as much content to connect to your name, aka your “search term”
  • Reference your past work and achievements
  • Mention other professional social accounts like LinkedIn
  • Create a contact page

How to use Google Analytics to monitor your site traffic and visitors

Not only will your website rank high in your Google results, but you can also actually use Google Analytics to help you track data to find out when your site is being visited, access a brief overview of what visitors are using to connect with you, and where they’re doing it from. Setting up Google Analytics can be tedious, but the benefits will help you tremendously in finding out who is searching for you on the web and Googling your name. 

Should I go through the trouble of finding out who’s Googling my name? 

Though there is no magic button to press that will give you a simple list of everyone searching your name online, these simple tools will help you tremendously. By using the steps mentioned above, you will gain knowledge and key information about your web viewers, and ultimately help you get that job, make that first date happen, or make a connection with what could be your best client yet. You’ll never know if you don’t try! 

Hiring a professional to track who is searching for you online

For a busy professional trying to take the necessary steps to improve their online reputation and find out who is trying to reach them, hiring a professional might be the answer. Here at Reputation911, we employ skilled professionals who can help you reach your target audience and find out just who is trying to reach you online. Start making those important connections to help you reach your next step on the ladder of success. Learn more about our personal reputation management services and get started! 

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