Is OnlyFans Safe? How To Protect Yourself

This post was most recently updated on April 1, 2023 how to protect yourself on onlyfans

Only Fans has become a massive online platform where users can create and consume content. The website exploded in popularity during the pandemic and has now amassed over 150 million registered users. What makes this platform unique is the ability for creators to monetize their own content through subscriptions. OnlyFans hosts all types of content, though it is mostly known for explicit content.

Even though OnlyFans content is behind a paywall, creators of adult content are particularly vulnerable to online threats such as stalking, identity theft, copyright infringement, and more. Continue reading this guide to learn how to stay safe on only fans.

What Are The Risks Of Doing OnlyFans?

While lucrative, creating content on OnlyFans comes with a set of risks that you should be aware of.

OnlyFans Leaks

Even though OnlyFans does not allow users to download content from the website, leaks are quite common. Content thieves will take screenshots or use a third-party app to take screen recordings, and then re-upload them to other sites.


Doxxing is when someone publishes private information about another person or organization, usually for revenge or other malicious intent. This is why it is important to be incredibly careful about your privacy as an OnlyFans creator.

Stalking & Harrassment

If people do find out personal information about you, this leaves you at risk for stalkers and other kinds of harassment – not just online, but in real life.

Scams & Blackmail

Some users will go so far as to create fake subscriber OnlyFans accounts in order to get personal information, including bank account details. Some may even threaten to publish content or private information unless you pay them. Remember to also beware of phishing sites that disguise themselves as OnlyFans.

How Secure Is OnlyFans?

The site does have systems in place to keep OnlyFans safe for both creators and users:

  • Encryption to protect against data breaches
  • Two-step authentication & identity verification
  • Reporting & blocking tools
  • Privacy settings that allow you to choose who sees your content
  • Ability to enable or disable comments
  • Secure payment processing that tracks your IP address

Is OnlyFans Content Protected?

OnlyFans protects the content on the site in a few different ways, but that doesn’t always prevent content from being stolen.

OnlyFans Reposts

Unfortunately, adult content is particularly at risk of being stolen and reposted on other websites. If a user steals your content and reposts it directly to OnlyFans, you can report the content to their DMCA team to get it taken down.

However, it will be much harder for them to take down content reposted to other platforms. If this happens, you will likely need to seek outside legal recourse.

OnlyFans Copyright Protection

Any content that you make and publish to OnlyFans is your intellectual property and is subject to copyright protection by law. It also violates OnlyFans terms of service to distribute any content found on the platform. 

Is It Illegal To Download OnlyFans Content?

Simply downloading content from the site may not be illegal, but users who steal content are violating OnlyFans policies and terms of service. Depending on the state or country you live in, downloading content may also violate revenge porn laws. Sharing and distributing OnlyFans content without permission is illegal because it violated copyright laws.

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What Happens If Someone Steals OnlyFans Content?

If someone steals your OnlyFans content, you can take legal action by submitting a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) Takedown Notice. You can check to see if your content has been stolen by doing a reverse Google Image search.

OnlyFans DMCA

If your content has been reposted by someone else directly to OnlyFans, click “Report” at the top of the post. This will notify the OnlyFans DMCA team who will then take down the reposted content.

If your content has been reposted elsewhere on the internet, you should still contact OnlyFans to notify them. However, their team can typically only deal with content on their own site, so you will need to take extra steps.

  • Send a DMCA Takedown Notice to the perpetrator as well as the host of the website that the stolen content is on. The website host may remove the content after receiving this takedown notice.
  • Send a cease and desist letter to the person who stole your content to warn them that you will take legal action if they don’t stop.
  • Initiate a criminal case against the perpetrator if they have violated revenge porn laws. You will either be given a public defender or you can choose to hire a lawyer.
  • File a civil lawsuit in cases of copyright infringement, privacy torts, and emotional distress. For civil lawsuits, you will need to hire a lawyer. Find one that specializes in internet and copyright law.


How To Protect Yourself On OnlyFans

how to protect yourself on onlyfans reputation 911

Here are some tips on how to keep exclusive content private, remain anonymous, and stay protected.

Don’t Post Personal Information

Never post private information such as your full name, address, phone number, email address, workplace, etc. Make sure this information can’t be found elsewhere on the internet either. If you are a popular creator, people may try to search for you elsewhere on the internet. Don’t reveal any information about what city or state you are located in.

Make Your Identity Private

It is okay to be vague and mysterious as an OnlyFans creator. Many people opt to not reveal their faces on camera. You may also consider wearing wigs and covering up identifying marks such as tattoos. Whenever you post content, make sure to not include photos or videos of places that could give away your location.

You can also set your profile to “Fully Private” so that people can’t send you messages, see when you are online, or view your interactions on the site.

Use A Stage Name

Coming up with a creative stage name will not only give you an air of mystery but will also protect your identity. If an obsessive fan finds out your true name, it will be really easy for them to search for other information about you online.

Use A Separate Email

Use a separate email account to create your OnlyFans account just in case it gets hacked. Data breaches can happen, so it is a good idea to keep your personal email and OnlyFans email separate.

Two-Step Verification

OnlyFans recommends that all users and creators use their two-factor authentication to keep their accounts secure. OnlyFans users who don’t use two-step verification are more vulnerable to hackers.

Check Your Bank Account

Check your bank account regularly to keep an eye on suspicious activity. Payments for your content should be coming directly from the OnlyFans site. Report any suspicious activity to your financial institution. Some users may try to reverse bank transactions to the site when paying for content, so contact OnlyFans if this happens.

Use A Strong Password

Use a strong password to make it difficult for others to gain access to your account. Make sure to make your password long and use a combination of letters, special characters, and numbers.

Use A Watermark

When uploading content, creators on OnlyFans have access to a feature that allows them to place a watermark on all their content. Doing so makes it easy to identify when content has been uploaded to other sites. You can also opt to create your own customized logo.

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In Closing: OnlyFans Privacy

Privacy breaches on OnlyFans can be frustrating, scary, and even dangerous. Content leaks are all too common, and it can be difficult to remove information about you from the internet. If your online reputation has been damaged, the expert team at Reputation911 is here to support you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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