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Our Internet Privacy Attorney will work to remove unwanted links, blogs, and images from your personal or business search results, permanently keeping your personal information off of people search sites and the rest of the Internet while also protecting your online reputation and privacy.

We help our clients take back control of their online privacy to portray a more accurate reflection of themselves online.

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Monthly scan from our support team permanently keeps your personal information off the internet & people search sites.
Monthly status reports by our support team gives you peace of mind that your privacy is protected 24/7.
A dedicated relationship manager will conduct an interview with clients and will scan web, people search sites and online date broker websites to identify sensitive and personal information.
A dedicated account manager will monitor progress on daily basis and will follow up over the phone and send status reports, gives you peace of mind that your privacy is protected.
Weekly manual request from our specialized legal team to permanently keep your personal information off the internet & people search sites.
 Real Time Social Network Monitoring Personalized 911 Threat Alerts including photo tagging. Clean Up your Social Network Profiles and Protect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
 Customized Privacy Protection and Monitoring based on client’s level of security needs. Personal Information & Data Retrieval Services From photos to videos to electronic communications.
Our Legal advisor will send ‘cease and desist’ letters to the data brokers and people search sites to remove personal, sensitive and confidential information from date base and will continuously monitor and follow up with them until information is permanently removed.
Our Investigative Team will Defend & Protect our high-profile clients against online defamation such as harassment from cyber stalkers with tactics that go well beyond IP Tracking & Mac address locating.
Our dedicated engineering team will closely monitor data brokers and people search web sites around the clock will be available to answer your questions 24/7.

Additional Benefits to My Online Privacy:

  • Reduce risk of online impersonation and cyberstalking.
  • Increase your Reputation Score that is now being used to judge you like a credit score is today.
  • Child Protection from Cyberbullying and Cybermobbing
  • Online Reputation Management tools for greater Parental Control and Privacy
  • Gain control over your personal privacy and online Reputation with Free Monitoring
  • Learn who’s watching you and what information they’re finding about you.
  • Web applications for Facebook and Twitter Protect your Privacy and Online Reputation 24/7

To Learn more about our My Online Privacy Programs give us a call today for a confidential consultation with one of our Online Reputation Managers at 1-866-MY-REP-911