How Going Mobile Brings in Better Business

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How Going Mobile Brings in Better Business

Reputation911 discusses the Power of Mobile Reviews

By now, most business owners have realized the importance of online reviews for their company’s reputation and success. Just about every consumer checks out what other people are saying about a business before they go ahead and try it out for themselves.

But how are consumers looking up businesses? These days most people live their lives on the go, making mobile phones more popular than ever. People are looking for instant gratification, relying more and more on their smart phones and tablets to look something upon the Internet.

Here’s why you should consider encouraging mobile user reviews for your company:

  • Customers are more inclined to leave a positive review

    If a customer is able to leave a review right from their phone, you can encourage them to review their experience immediately, sometimes even while they’re still inside your business. These customers are still in the moment and their feelings about your business are still fresh in their minds.The desire and willingness of a customer to write a good review for your company will begin to dwindle once they step out of your business and move on with their day to day lives. Having a customer write a review while they are still thinking about how pleased they are with your quality service will result in stronger positive reviews for other customers to look at and consider.

  • Expanding the reach of your business

    When mobile users are out and about, they will likely look to their smart phones to find local businesses that match their needs. A consumer might search for nearby restaurants, car repair shops, shopping malls, gas stations and a whole list of other services. These consumers are looking to go to or call your business right away, to fulfill their needs for instant gratification.

    If this is how the majority of consumers are searching for businesses, then you will want to make sure your business is showing up. Having positive reviews will build your business reputation and put your business at the top of the search results. However, if you have no reviews and no mobile presence, your business will likely not show up at all. This means you will lose prospective customers to your competitors who have taken advantage of mobile apps.

In recent years, the Internet has had significant impact on how companies build their reputation within their industry. Now, with an increased prominence of the on-the-go lifestyle, businesses need to look forward to new ways of keeping in contact with current customers and reaching out to new, potential customers. The key is meeting consumers where they already are— on the go with their mobile devices.

For more information on to build and manage strong online reviews for your business contact Reputation911 at 866-MY-REP-911.

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