How to Clean up your Instagram

Last Updated on March 18, 2024

Learning how to clean up your Instagram and maintaining a clean and positive image on all your social media profiles has become increasingly important to your reputation in today’s online world.

How to Clean Up Your Instagram

Welcome to the latest post in our “Clean up your Online Profile” blog series. Previous posts have focused on tips for cleaning up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and online dating profiles to protect your online reputation.

In today’s technological society, more and more people are reaching to the internet to find any type of information they are seeking. Google and social media platforms are now making your first impression when it comes to hiring managers, college admissions employees, competitors, peers, and potential dating partners. By cleaning up your online profiles, you can ensure that the impression you make online is a positive one. Today’s post focuses on an emerging social media powerhouse: Instagram.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions) | Statista
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According to Statista, the mobile app has grown its number of users immensely from 90 million in 2013 to now over one billion monthly active users with 500 million active users daily.

These Instagram users share more than 100 million videos and photos per day, resulting in billions of “likes”, comments, new followers and other forms of engagement. Even brands are jumping onto the network, with 90% of Interbrand’s Top 100 brands already actively sharing photos on Instagram.

The risk of sharing something that will damage your online reputation continues to grow every time you add a new photo.

Here are some tips for cleaning up your Instagram profile and preventing reputation damage:

Make Your Photos Private

The best way to keep individuals from stumbling upon photos you do not want them to see is to make your photos private. After you do so, any user who wants to follow your photos will need your approval before becoming a follower. Make your photos private by following these instructions.?

Do Not Share Photos on Other Networks

Instagram allows users to automatically share their photos on other networks, but once photos are shared on Facebook or Twitter, there is no telling what others will do with them. You can keep Instagram from sharing your photos on other networks in privacy settings.

Remove Unprofessional Photos

When deciding whether or not to delete a photo, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself how you would feel if college admissions officers, hiring managers, family members, or your boss saw the photo. Any images showing underage drinking, binge drinking, drug use, obscene gestures, and partial undress (think swimsuit photos) are best left off of your profile.

Delete Unprofessional Comments and Likes

The individuals you associate with could impact how you are perceived online. An unprofessional comment with profanity or a politically incorrect joke could reflect poorly on your character. Similarly, liking photos of strangers in provocative poses or of friends breaking the law could be interpreted as an endorsement of these activities.

Do Not Reveal Too Much

Employers cannot legally ask about your religious beliefs or political affiliation but they can still discriminate against you if you put these details out in the open. Be careful what you share about sensitive subjects and consider removing photos that could be used to discriminate against you.

Cleaning up your Instagram profile is a great way to start practicing reputation management. If an unprofessional photo has already been indexed by Google, deleting it from your profile might not make it go away. Fortunately, Reputation911 can suppress and remove unwanted photos, links, and content across the web.

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