3 Reasons Online Reputation Management Strategy Needs Online Reviews

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Online reviews are the new word of mouth marketing. With the plethora of online reviews sites it is easy for a business or professional to lose track of online reviews. Since nearly 97% of customers search for a product or service online before buying, a bad online reputation on these review sites can seriously hurt your revenue. It will also undermine any advertising or marketing campaign for your business. In this way losing track of your online reviews is the beginning of the end. No matter what your business or service offers, monitoring and protecting your online image via online reviews has never been more important.

Gain Consumer Trust

According to SearchEngineLand, 72% of consumers trust online reviews the same as personal recommendations from friends and family. This means that if someone had a bad experience and wrote a negative review, 72% percent of your prospective customers would turn to a competitor if it has better online reviews. That’s almost 3/4 of business lost! If you have negative online reviews your online reputation management campaign should work to rectify this matter. If you have positive reviews, you should still include a review building component in your online reputation management campaign so you strengthen your online ratings and protect yourself from one negative review ruining your average star rating.

Search Engine Optimization

Imagine tons of link backs to your site on these online review sites. Your website would not only rank higher in Google, but it also receive more traffic from all these review sites. When searching a specific type of product or service, your reviews would populate the search results, thus driving prospective customers to your website. These review sites will greatly help your online reputation management campaign by promoting your product or service on your first page of search engine results, pushing away any negative links or articles.

Boost Your Internet Marketing 

Reviews would also eventually become their own online marketing campaign and could redirect your competitors’ traffic to your site. Think about the extended benefits of a high ratings on the right review sites for your business. First, if you have the highest rating for a certain product or service, consumers would be more likely to choose you over a competitor. Second, your customers would constantly be generating new content for you, making your company look current and fresh. Last, these reviews will act as mini-advertisements for you that will literally keep giving back to you as they constantly generate traffic to your site.

If you have negative feedback populating your online reviews, the problem will not take care of itself. Reach out to us immediately about My Online Reviews and our other online reputation management services. Every day that you put off doing something about poor online reviews, will result in more of your customers switching to your competitors.

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