Reputation Management and Restraining Orders

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Using Restraining Orders to Protect Your Online Privacy

Protect Your Online Privacy

Protect Your Online Privacy

If you have a restraining order against someone, make sure it is clear to the courts and the offender that social media is to be included as well. Case in point, a Tennessee woman tested the limits of the Internet and found herself potentially facing up to a year in jail. If someone, such as an ex-spouse, is contacting your child via social media this is something that can also be considered a violation. While the concept of an online “100-yards” may seem new, the intent of restraining orders is to typically present harassment or threats of any kind. You could easily present your case by printing out screenshots of the Facebook postings in question and bring them to the judge.

As always, understand when the situation is out of your hands. After the courts place a restraining or protective order on your harasser, the legal team at Reputation911 can make sure they are deterred from contacting you online as well.

Why Reputation Management Is Still Necessary

You cannot escape social media these days, unless perhaps you are working for yourself. Most companies, large or small, have official websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook at the very least – not due to some undying obsession to fit in, but rather because these are the means in which people find out more information about them.

The same is true about your personal social media accounts. If uncensored, these accounts contain a myriad of information about your political views, personal life, and anything else that was once considered private. We all know by now that nothing on the Internet is private if it is posted to social media. Reputation Management helps to remedy the situation at hand – whether that means working to remove the accounts of your aggressor, or maintaining the clean nature of the accounts. You certainly would not want your employers seeing your legal battles play out on Facebook, as it could and would show a negative aspect of your life.

If you are interested in invoking a restraining order against someone who is harassing you in person, visit the American Bar’s page outlining Stalking/Harrasment Civil Protection Orders by State for more information. If someone is harassing you online, send us a free inquiry and we will provide you the online protection you deserve.

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