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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Step 7: Understanding Different Social Media Platforms Social media has become an increasingly central aspect of our lives. We find ourselves checking our social…
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Communicating Your Brand to Your Audience

Step 5: Building Your Social Equity In the media and internet based world, social equity is defined as the perceived value of a…
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Reaching Your Target Audience

Step 4: Who Are You Building Your Brand For? The word brand seems to be implemented more and more these days with a…
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What to do When Your Username is Already Taken

Step 3: How to Make Your Second Choice the Best Choice In today’s fast-paced internet world, more and more people are quickly understanding…
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Can You Delete Yourself From the Internet

Is Your Online Record Permanent? The Internet is filled with millions of pages of valuable information. You can use the Internet to search…
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Personal Branding Tips

  In the past, when individuals wanted to advance their careers, they made themselves better employees by practicing a number of self-help techniques.…
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