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Google launched its Autocomplete (or Autosuggest) feature in 2008 and gained more attention from searchers in 2011 with the release of Google Instant. Google Autocomplete uses data about what other users have searched to suggest a search term in real-time. The problem for individuals and businesses is that autocomplete suggestions can themselves impact their online reputation.

How Do I Change Google Search Suggestions

How Google Search Suggestions Work 

Google is a search engine designed to answer questions, and it takes specially designed software updates to keep it performing at its best. The Google autocomplete search suggestion function is designed to help users answer similar questions that might better help them find an answer. 

As soon as you start typing into the Google search bar, search predictions automatically populate below the search bar to help ease the search. But where do the search predictions come from?

Google is committed to finding the best answers for user’s questions. Google curates those search suggestions based on your past search history, as well what other people are searching that is related to your question. Together, those two factors help create a better user experience. 

Why Google Search Results are Important for Your Online Reputation

The autocomplete suggestion “your business name reviews” might not scare you if you have already made sure to remove bad reviews, but what about when an autocomplete suggestion alone is enough to scare away searchers?

If Dr. Jerry Smith is named in a medical malpractice lawsuit that is later dropped, he might think his problems are over. Unfortunately his problems are just beginning if Google Autocomplete is suggesting that users search for “Dr. Jerry Smith lawsuit.”

Prospective patients might see that and immediately begin searching for a different doctor instead of researching the lawsuit or reading patient reviews. Given how a solid online reputation management campaign can be instantly derailed by a harmful autocomplete suggestion such as “your name scam”, “your company name complaints”, or “your name mugshot”, you are no doubt asking if there is a way to change autocomplete suggestions.

Fortunately, Reputation911 can help clients change Google Autocomplete suggestions to more accurately represent their business or personal brand. 

Removing Google Search Suggestions

We begin by cleaning up your online search results so that misleading, outdated, or harmful content is off of the first page and pushed to the second page or beyond. If a news article about your arrest, or even the arrest of someone else who shares your name, is harder to find, then online searchers are less likely to search “your name arrest” in Google.

As natural searches for those keywords decrease, Google will change autocomplete suggestions to other keywords. This is a great opportunity to build a positive reputation for yourself or your company.

Imagine if you could change autocomplete suggestions to enhance your online reputation management strategy. You could improve the strength of your Twitter profile if autocomplete suggests “your name Twitter” or even improve the overall reputation of your business by using autocomplete to promote positive content.

Business owners could work to change autocomplete suggestions so that when someone searched for their business, the searcher would see “business name charity” and associate the organization with philanthropy.

Learn more about how Reputation911 can change autocomplete suggestions for you or your business by calling 1-866-MY-REP-911 or by filling out the form on the right side of this screen.

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