Reputation Management Cannot be an Afterthought

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Nobody’s perfect, which is why at some point (if it has not already happened) a dissatisfied customer will raise his or her hand. Unfortunately the internet has made it very easy for customers to voice their dissatisfaction in public forums for the entire world to see. You can effectively respond to the negative criticism and minimize its monetary impact by practicing sound reputation management techniques. Reputation management, however, is not just for businesses in crisis. Every business should be proactively practicing reputation management instead of waiting until they come under attack.

Think of sunscreen on a hot summer’s day, providing a protective layer between your skin and the harmful effects of the sun.  When you’re online, you’re out in the sun every day and the only protection is reputation management, shielding you from detrimental internet criticism. Protection can no longer be an afterthought as bad content in branded search results will damage revenues and be very costly to repair. If you are already experiencing a reputation or privacy crisis, you will need to bring in an expert before the negative content has a chance to spread. By proactively managing your reputation before a crisis or privacy breach affects your search results, you can save considerably.

William DiAntonio, President & CEO of Reputation911, notes that “More and more CEO’s and colleagues are falling into a reputation crisis and are discovering that proactively managing online content is ultimately more cost effective.”

In today’s digital age, it is crucial for businesses to engage with consumers on the Internet, which acts as a connector between businesses and customers while also helping you promote your products and services. On the other hand, it also provides an outlet for consumers to publicly discuss your successes and failures. Doing a poor job of managing your own online presence can be just as damaging as a reputation crisis initiated by a third party. At minimum, your business should have its own website and an active presence on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. The more these accounts are built out and constantly updated, the less likely it is for negative comments to slip by undetected and outrank your own posts. Additionally, building your company a presence on closed-end social media sites and business profiles, where you have the ability to allow or disallow all comments, can help you ensure that you have full control of your message.

When it comes to protecting your online reputation, the old sayings rings true that an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Is your business doing all it can to proactively protect itself from a reputation crisis or could a single negative tweet or online review send revenues plummeting? Find out by scheduling a free reputation consultation with Reputation911, using the form on the right side of this page or calling 1-866-MY-REP-911. Our dedicated engineers will custom tailor a reputation management strategy to your needs, helping you take control of your first page online search results and rank positive, closed-end registrations, websites, business listings above inflammatory, untrue, or unwanted content. Your business cannot afford to continue treating reputation management as an afterthought, so give Reputation911 a call today.

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