5 Free Reputation Monitoring Tools to Use Now

In today’s world, everyone is online: researching, shopping, writing reviews, posting on social media, writing blogs, and just communication about everything from business to personal hobbies. Your personal identity or your business brand, your reputation-could be the subject of their communication-and it could easily go viral. If not viral, then, it could show on Page 1 of Google, and limit your potential happiness in your career, love life, or business success. Here’s 5 free reputation monitoring tools to help you get a start on managing your online reputation, and by extension, your life.

1. Google Alerts: Google has a free alert product that crawls the internet for phrases, names, and business brands; and alerts you when it finds mention of these. You can even specify in what online venue you would like to see results from, whether it be blog, social media, news, etc. Sign up through your Google account and specify your personal name and/or business name.

2. Social Mention: This tool is just as you might think: it crawls various social media platforms to find mention of your name or brand. Social Mention also will tell you if the mention was positive, negative or neutral.

3. Kurrently: Similar in use and output, Kurrently is a reputation monitoring tool that offers a user updates on mentions of your name or brand in the search engines. Unfortunately, for now, the free version of Kurrently does not send automatic push alerts when a new mention is generated, so regular login is recommended.

4. TweetBeep: What to know what is being tweeted about online-in regards to your personal information and reputation, as well as that of your business? TweetBeep will do all that Google Alerts does, but for the Twitter atmosphere. Every hour, you can get updates on anyone tweeting your name, brand, etc. Of course, you need more bells and whistles or more frequent alerts, you can sign up for the paid version.

5. MonitorThis: If a scour of Google is not enough for you, use the free version of MonitorThis that pulls from 19 other search engines as well for mention of your name, identity, or brand. This tool also offers regular alerts with any mention of the phrase or name that you choose.

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