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When I found Reputation911 I had negative feedback  from a review site that had false and misleading information about me on it called “The Robing Room.” My Overall Rating was a 6.7 out of 10.

I had tried several times myself to fix the problem and got no where with them, so I decided to seek professional help.

After speaking to several reputation companies I chose Reputation911.

I liked their Investigative and legal approach and that I could speak directly to my own relationship manager throughout the entire process, getting both weekly and sometime daily updates of the progress being made.

Within two weeks, the misleading reviews were all removed from the site and my ratings went back up.

I am very thankful to Reputation911 for helping me regain control over my online reputation and look forward to working with them in the future to keep both my reputation and privacy protected.

– U.S. Magistrate Judge.,

I called Reputation911 in a panic late one Friday night when I saw a negative review that was placed on “yelp”  

We were not sure if it was a disgruntled customer or past employee who made the fake and untrue comments on yelp just that it was effecting our business.

After talking to Reputation911 for about 30 minutes they calmed me down and assured me that I was not alone and that they have help many other small business owners who were in similar situations.

After seeing how many other negative reviews we had out there on sites like tripadvisoropentable, urbanspoon and Google Places My family and I decided to hire Reputation911.

Their Investigative Approach worked great, the Yelp review was removed along with several others that were on Google Places.

We now automatically collect and publish customer reviews thanks to Reputation911 and best of all  have the opportunity to communicate with customers who left negative reviews !!

I am so happy I called Reputation911 and will personally talk with anyone who has questions about my experience.

-Giovanna S.,

Restaurant Owner

I had one client who I won a small claims case against go onto the web and post several anonymous things under different user names against me and my practice on Vitals.com.

I then had 3 clients in one week cancel their appointments with me after what they read on Vitals.com.

I tried to get them removed myself and then contacted several Reputation Companies for help.

I went with Reputation911 because I needed this fix fast as I could not afford anymore cancellations.

Reputation911 did a great job removing the reviews on Vitals within the 1st week and then continued to monitor and track our online reputation to ensure no further attacks were being made against us.

-Chris S., MD


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