Who Needs Reputation Management?

While reputation management is a relatively new term, reputation goes back as far as the beginning of man. Your reputation, no matter who you are, whether personal or professional, whether a person or a business, is everything. Below, we list who needs to manage their reputation. Are you on this list?

Job Seeker
Looking for a job? Ever searched for a job? Think you’ll search for a new job in the future? We’re all job seekers at one-and most often, multiple-time(s) in our lives, and when we apply for positions, employers do their due diligence online to research background. Potential employers take what they see online-in social media, pictures, and other venues-and and use this information to make a decision-for better or worse.

Thinking of starting a new enterprise, a new company, your dream business? Most creditors, investors, and potential clients will determine your worthiness by what they see said about you and your business: in social media, review sites, forums, you name it.

Single or Involved
Are you single and looking to date? Do you Google potential dates online before meeting up? Of course you do. Everyone does. Your potential date does too. Maybe you’re in a relationship and looking to become more serious, settle down. There’s no doubt that your spouses’ family and friends are also Googling your name. What they see will either allay their fears or send your spouse packing.

Are you a high school junior or senior working on college applications? If you have a bad rep online in social media, blogs, websites, images, etc-the colleges you are applying to will see it, and likely conclude that they don’t want an association with you.

Are you a first-time home buyer, looking for car loan, business loan, or other large financial commitment? You might not think that banks care about your online reputation-but they too, are not ready to take a risk on someone of ill repute-whether it’s true or not.

And this list is far from exhaustive. If you are looking to get a promotion, impress new clients, or further your life in any way that includes people you do not know-your online reputation will come back time and time again to color and often, discredit your good name. This is your life, take control of the reputation that shapes it.