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Selling on Facebook

Even before the Facebook IPO puts its reputation in crisis, Facebook has generated a lot of talk about how businesses can monetize their…
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“We Know What You’re Doing” Website Will Help you get Fired

Yesterday the web exploded with chatter about a new social networking privacy experiment taking place at WeKnowWhatYoureDoing.com. If you are unfamiliar with the…
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Snapchat Screenshot

110 million photos have been transmitted using Snapchat, but are those photos really gone for good? Find out if shared photos or other…
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What is Brand Reputation

What is Brand Reputation?

Brand reputation refers to how a particular brand (whether for an individual or a company) is viewed by others. A favorable brand reputation…
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Twitter Clean Up

As a follow-up to our popular post, Clean up Your Online Profile, we have created a blog series about cleaning up online profiles.…
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Marketing with LinkedIn

As a follow-up to our popular post, Clean up Your Online Profile, we have created a blog series about cleaning up online profiles.  Today's post…
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3 Reasons Online Reputation Management Strategy Needs Online Reviews

Online reviews are the new word of mouth marketing. With the plethora of online reviews sites it is easy for a business or…
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Restaurant Reputation Management

In the age of the Internet, critics, customers, and bloggers can now rate and review your restaurant anytime in real-time. Monitoring what is…
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Google Seen as Most Reputable Company in U.S.

Google seen as most reputable company in U.S. Google knows that in today’s competitive world what people see about you online, now affects your…
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