How To Get Google Guaranteed (& Benefits For Businesses)

google guaranteedIn a competitive online market, Google Guaranteed can help local businesses stand out and capture users’ attention.

But how do you convey the quality of your business to online searchers? For reputable, high-quality businesses, Google has made this a whole lot easier through their Google Guaranteed program.

Local businesses looking to stand out online can apply for a Google Guaranteed badge. In this blog post, you will learn about what the Google Guarantee is, benefits for businesses, and how to apply.


What Is Google Guaranteed?

The Google Guaranteed program is a way for Google to verify local businesses that appear in search results. Once Google verifies your business, users will see a green check mark next to your search result.

This acts as a signal of high quality to searchers, letting them know that they can trust your business.

google guaranteed badge

The Google Guaranteed Badge appears next to your business’s Google Search result listings.

To get the Google Guarantee badge, businesses must go through a screening process through Google Local Services Ads (LSA). This is Google’s way of instilling consumer confidence in businesses with a Google Business Profile.

Not only that, but Google is even putting their money where their mouth is.

If a customer is unsatisfied with the work of a Google Guaranteed business, they can claim compensation from Google. Customers can claim a reimbursement for paid services up to a lifetime limit of $2,000. However, this is up to Google’s discretion.

google guaranteed reimbursement

Customers can claim a reimbursement from Google if they are not satisfied with the services provided by a Google Guaranteed Business. In the United States, customers can claim up to a lifetime limit of $2,000, subject to Google’s discretion.

A whole range of local businesses can become Google Guaranteed. This includes real estate professionals, digital marketers, appliance repair, home services, yoga studios, plastic surgeons, and more.

Certain businesses can only apply for a badge if they are in California or Florida. You can view the full list of businesses here

How Much Does Google Guaranteed Cost?

To maintain the Google Guaranteed status, businesses must pay $50 per month, translating to $600 per year. This fee includes any claims that an unsatisfied customer may claim from Google. Businesses do not need to pay for background checks during the screening process. You only pay once you become part of the program.

Businesses may also opt to advertise through Local Services Ads, which run on a pay-per-lead model. You can advertise through this service even if you aren’t “Google Guaranteed”. Your cost-per-lead varies depending on your industry, location, and amount of competition.

Is It Hard To Get Google Guaranteed?

Not every business will qualify to get Google Guaranteed. If the process was too easy, everyone would have one, and the check mark wouldn’t have any value.

Google must verify that your business is reputable and provides high-quality services. After all, they want to minimize the amount of compensation they have to pay out to unsatisfied customers.

Specific requirements depend on the type of business and your business’s location. Here are some things Google may ask for during the verification process:

  • proof of identity of the business owner or fieldworker
  • background checks on the business and owner
  • a verified Google Business Profile
  • proof of business registration
  • proof of general liability or professional liability insurance
  • a business license or owner license
  • a minimum review count (the number depends on the type of business)
  • proof that your business has a physical location

Is Google Guaranteed Worth It? 5 Benefits for Businesses

Build trust with your audience

Google is one of the most trusted companies in the world, with 90% of people having a favorable view of the search engine. Getting their mark of approval is a direct signal to potential customers that your business is worthy of their trust.

user opinion of tech brands

Users tend to have a favorable opinion of Google compared to other big tech brands.

Scams and fraudulent businesses are common online these days. A Google Guaranteed badge lets searchers know that Google screened your business for quality. If something goes wrong, Google backs customers with a satisfaction guarantee. This eases the minds of hesitant customers.

Stand out from the competition

Every business is vying for the attention of their audience. Showing that your business offers high-quality services is a way to stand out to potential customers. A Google Guaranteed badge conveys quality and sets your business apart from competitors who are not in the program.

Showcasing that Google backs your business highlights your commitment to customer satisfaction. It also positions you as a leader in your industry.

Generate leads online

With the Google Guaranteed program, Google places your business in the “prime real estate” of search results. Being at the top of search engine results pages means your business can capture high-intent leads.

With Local Services Ads, your business appears above traditional search ads and organic listings. This means that potential customers will see your business first. The green check mark encourages more clicks, and thus more leads. Since these searches are already interested in your services, the conversion rate is usually higher.

Increase organic traffic to your website

Organic traffic can be even more valuable to a business than paid traffic to your website. According to, 90% of clicks go to organic search results. Meanwhile, only around 10% of clicks go to paid advertisements.

how many clicks go to organic search results

90% of user clicks go to organic search results, while only 10% go to paid advertisements. This could be because people tend to trust organic listings more.

Businesses who are part of the Google Guaranteed program also tend to pay for Local Service Ads. However, the badge can also have a positive effect on your organic search traffic. The credibility of a Google Guaranteed badge improves your online reputation, which in turn boosts your organic search rankings.

Increase sales quickly

Customers who find your business through Local Service Ads already know what they want; they are just searching for a trusted business. With a Google Guaranteed badge, customers are more likely to both see and trust your business, which can lead to increased sales. Customers will feel confident about choosing you over one of your competitors.

How To Get Google Guaranteed (Step-By-Step Guide For Businesses)

  1. If you haven’t already, start by creating a Google Business Profile. This allows your business to appear in Google Maps and local search results.
  2. Visit the Local Services Ads (LSA) website and sign up. Google Guaranteed works with Local Services Ads, so sign up even if you don’t want to advertise.

    google local services ads

    To apply for a Google Guaranteed badge, sign up with Local Services Ads.

  3. Make sure your business meets the eligibility requirements. This includes having a good reputation and offering quality services. You should also be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  4. Provide details of your business information on the LSA platform. This includes your business name, address, phone number, and financial information like annual revenue.
  5. Submit the required documents when you sign up with LSA. This may include a verified Google Business Profile, license and insurance, business registration, etc.
  6. Comply with background checks for your business and its owners, managers, and employees. Google requires these checks to ensure the credibility of your business.
  7. Wait about 3-4 weeks for Google to conduct the verification process.
  8. If approved, you should see your Google Guaranteed badge on your Local Service Ads, Google Business Profile, and next to your search results listings.
  9. Update your information as needed and monitor your reputation to maintain your Google Guaranteed status.

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Conclusion: Get Your Business Google Guaranteed

Getting Google Guaranteed has significant benefits for businesses. However, only reputable local businesses can receive the coveted badge. In a world of high online competition where online reviews can make or break your business, reputation is everything.

The expert team at Reputation911 is here to help you with all of your business reputation management needs. We can suppress negative search results, investigate false information online, promote your brand, and more. Get in touch for a free reputation consultation.

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