My Business Reputation™

We tailor a three-stage approach based on clients’ needs and current situations to help businesses restore, promote and protect their online presence, and control their online image.


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My Business Reputation My Business Reputation My Business Reputation
A dedicated relationship manager will conduct an interview with clients to analyze their online image and will identify threats and negative items and un-welcome information within their search results.
Our professional writers and content creators will write business profiles and will strategically publish these profiles on high ranking independent websites, Blogs, Articles, and Social Media Outlets for Optimized Results.
Our SEO experts will create micro-sites such as “” and will promote pre-existing positive and relevant information about your business through ‘Link Enforcement’.
Our researchers will detect and remove all proprietary and confidential information about your business which exists on the web such as; business plans, markets and marketing methods, customer lists, advertising strategies, formulas, designs, devices, diagrams, software codes, test results, product development, trade secrets and any other sensitive information.
A dedicated account manager will monitor progress and will follow up with our clients over the phone and will send status reports via email on weekly and monthly basis through out the process. 
 Our experienced forensic investigators will detect and track it back to the source to remove negative feedback from articles, blog, and cyber squatting that are determined to be competitor driven, disgruntled employees, fake or spam to undermining brand or reputation
 Our Legal advisor will send ‘cease and desist’ letters to the source of out-of- date, false, misleading and fake information. Demand the removal of the information and will continuously monitor and follow up until the information is permanently removed.

My Business Reputation™ Monitoring

Our Engineering team will provide real-time monitoring for your search term with status updates from your dedicated account manager. Our engineers will closely monitor search results and work around the clock to maintain and increase the visibility of your positive sites.

My Business Reputation™ Maintenace
Our Engineering Team will maintain your secured first and second page search resluts.  We will create positive sites that we control and protect from unwanted images, blogs, articles and/or links that may appear over the next year.
My Business Reputation™ Updates Your dedicated account manager will send you monthly status reports about your search results at which time you can submit any updates you would like to add to your business profiles, or notify us of any up and coming unwanted articles we should be on the lookout for.


Business Reputation Management pricing depends on if your Business or Practice is currently in a crisis or looking to prevent or protect themselves from one.


The cost also depends on what can be leveraged from your press and social media currency already online vs starting from scratch with new social media and press. Click the following link to learn more about Reputation Management Pricing Factors.


To learn more about  My Business Reputation™ , and how Reputation911 is leading the way with innovative products and technology for Online Reputation Management Services call us at 1-866-MY-REP-911 today for a free confidential consultation with one of our Online Reputation Managers.